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Our Mission Partners

Mark and Rosalie Balfour

Mark and Rosalie joined us in April 2016 to tell us about the work they wanted to do with street children in Guatemala.  They flew to Guatemala on 14th February 2017 and, following some health problems for Rosalie, started their work in the La Terminal area of Guatemala City in September 2017.

You can follow Mark and Rosalie's progress on their blog:  https://balfoursguatemala.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/its-been-an-interesting-couple-of-months/

And you might like to watch this video, made by Rosalie, showing the work of Mi Arca:  https://spark.adobe.com/video/HR39KMFwc5zXc

Prayers for Mark and Rosalie

Prayer Update - 18th September 2018
Dear friends,

As ever, thank you so much for continuing to pray for us and supporting 
and standing with us in this way.

Last time, among other things, we asked you to pray for our trip to 
Honduras. Thank you. It was an incredible week during which we made new 
friendships and deepened existing relationships and during which we were 
constantly aware of the Lord's presence and protection: this included 
our journey there when we were literally rescued from a hole and guided 
out by two pickups in the middle of an unexpected route through 'narco' 
territory. (We will tell the full story in our next link letter). In 
this, and in many other ways, we know ourselves to be dependent on Jesus 
and your prayers - so thank you.

At this time, please could you pray - (this first two are particularly 

- along with the rest of Central America, Guatemala celebrated its day 
of independence on 15th September. This week , and especially on 
Thursday 20th, demonstrations are taking place here in the capital 
against the current government. A lot of people are afraid that they 
will turn violent. Please pray for peace and restraint. We don't yet 
know whether we will be able to continue with normal work on that day
- if we are able to work on Thursday, we have the teenage boys' group at 
our apartment when Julio, a visitor from Honduras, will be sharing his 
powerful story of encountering Jesus: please pray for Julio that he will 
have confidence in doing that and that the boys' hearts will be stirred 
by the Holy Spirit
- please continue to pray for the leaders of Go Guatemala as we support 
them: we hope to visit the project again on Saturday morning. And the 
Street Kids Centre continues to need a lot more volunteers to help with 
mentoring and other programmes.
- Rosalie has been advised that she needs to have an operation to have 
her gallbladder removed. We hope this can happen in the next few weeks. 
Please continue to pray for her health.
- we have started to host a bilingual (English and Spanish) small group 
with members of our church on Wednesday evenings: can you pray for that 
group to grow in relationship with each other? Also, Mark is preaching 
at our church (in English) for the first time on Sunday and would 
appreciate your prayer for that.
- please pray for our learning of Spanish - we are so aware of needing 
to get better in our ability with the language, especially in hearing 
and understanding what people are saying.

Thank you so much for this. In everything, we ask that you would pray we 
remain focused on Jesus who is the basis for all our hope and reveals 
the depths of our Father's love to us,

With our love
Mark & Rosalie

Prayer Update - 24th August 2018

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement.

We are grateful for a really good few days with Paul Tester, head of CMS 
in Latin America. Also, the opening last Saturday of the Street Kids 
Direct Protection Home went incredibly well and it was moving to hear 
the testimonies of children and young people to whom it has already made 
a big difference. The plan is for it to be fully opened to children 
later in the autumn.

Please could you pray for:

- our drive to Honduras tomorrow (Saturday 25th Aug), our return the 
following Saturday - with lots of travelling inbetween as we visit 
people and projects connected to Street Kids Direct. Pray for 
protection, good conversations and our hearts to be open to what Jesus 
is saying and showing us

- Rosalie's health continues to be matter for prayer with ongoing 
stomach issues going back to all the antibiotics she had last year. 
Please pray for healing for her in that and good sleep.

- last year while Rosalie was in hospital in Mexico we made friends with 
Rodrigo and Valeria, a couple who worked as paramedics and frequently 
transported Rosalie across the city for tests. The friendship is such 
that, on our subsequent "visa visit" to Mexico, they came especially to 
meet us at the airport to show us their newly adopted baby son. Very 
sadly, Rodrigo tragically died this past week. Please would you pray for 
Valeria and the whole family in their shock and grief.

- please do continue to pray for the children and young people who are 
part of the mentoring program at Street Kids Direct Guatemala: 
especially could you pray for the young tweenage and teenage girls who 
are so vulnerable to exploitation by those around them. Pray for "S" 
that she is able freely to walk away from an inappropriate relationship.

- pray for the leaders of Go Guatemala, an SKD-supported project that 
works with children and young people in Zone 18 of the capital, an area 
where gang murders are on the rise. We meet with them fortnightly to 
eat, talk and pray with them - please pray for their encouragement, 
protection and that they would receive all the resources they need.

Finally, we are reminded again of Jesus' words in John's gospel: "I am 
the vine; you are the branches. If you remain (abide) in me and I in 
you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing" (15.5). 
Please pray that abiding in Jesus is always more important to us than 
being busy for Him - we can do a lot of things without being close to 
Him, but really they won't be fruitful.

With our love
Mark & Rosalie

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